Stamped H4 travel during H1B transfer


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My wife has H4 visa stamped last month in India  with visa end date of Dec'18  and I got a new job offer .The new company would be processing my H1B transfer .

  1.  Can she travel during this time.
  2. what would happen if my H1B  transfer approved before the travel date .Should she go for stamping again
  3. Would she face any questions during POE in case H1B transfer is still in progress
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Change the ticket and have her come as soon as possible. Then you can file her H4 extension based on your pending H1 extension. Receipt notice will not do. Unless you want her to stay away for a few months, you should expedite her travel while you are still working here. In fact if her new I94 is till December,2018 you do not even have to change her H4.

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