H-4 EAD to L1-A and back to H-4 EAD


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Hello Everyone,

I have a unique situation. My wife currently holds a H4 visa and an approved H-4 EAD till 2020. She is currently working outside USA and her employer has decided to file a L-1A visa. According to them H-4 EAD might go away in September ( I am not sure about this). Their plan is to bring her on H-4EAD and process L-1A visa in parallel as her joining is next month

1) How long does it take to get an L-1A visa?

Now, L-1A for us is a temporary relief for us as we will be living in different cities so we wanted to use the H-4 EAD again if she finds a job in the same city as me.

2) if she gets L1 visa status will her H4-EAD be cancelled even though it is valid till 2020?

3) if she wants to change the jobs can she move to h4 status and use the same h4-ead ( assuming she moves in later 2017 and before 2020) or she needs to apply for a fresh H-4 EAD card? And how long does it take to change from L-1A to H-4 status?

4) I also saw that in the new rule if the i-140 is approved for more than 180 days then USCIS would not revoke it unless it qualifies as a mistake/fraud case so does this mean that I can change my employer from A to B and extend her H4-EAD as well after her current EAD expires in 2020?

Please let me know about this.

Thank you in advance

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