H1B Stamping before start date


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I am an international student pursuing masters in US. I will be graduating in August 2017. My fulltime job will start in the first week of September. My OPT application is pending with USCIS and will hopefully be approved and start from the second week of August.  In the meanwhile, the company for which I am going to start working filed my H-1B in April and it got approved which will commence from October 1st. Therefore, I am still on F-1 and my visa status will change in August to OPT-EAD and will then change to H-1B in October. I have got a sudden medical related family problem back in India due to which I am planning to go to India in July and I will come back in the first week of September.

1. Is it mandatory for me to get H-1B stamping while I am in India even though I will enter back to US  in September on OPT-EAD? (I don’t prefer to get H-1B stamped unless I start working for my employer.)
2. Would there be any risk to my pending change of status for OPT from F-1 if I leave the country?

Thank you in advance!

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