Consular H1B Processing?


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I came to usa in 2011 as F1-student. Finished my masters. Then completed my OPT. Unfortunately my H1 B didn't get picked for 2 times and so i joined another college for second masters.

Now, the H1 got picked this year. But it still shows as just H1B is received on 4/11. I have to travel to india on 7/29 for personal issue and my masters completion date is 8/31/2017. If I don't get any update by 7/29 and if i get H1B approval when i am in india, will my change of status be denied? Will it lead to consular H1B processing? Will i be questioned as if i am potential immigrant in visa interview?

Will my i94 expire when i go to india or will it depend just on my program completion date itself? I have no valid stamping now. It got expired in june 2016 itself.

Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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