H1B transfer and not joined the company


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I am currently working with company A  and has a valid H1b visa till 13th Aug 2017.In march I got an offer from another company B who is actually my client I am working for.They did my H1B transfer and I got my petition which is approved till 2020.But due to some legal non-competeissue I cannot join my company B. I have submitted documents for an extension from company A since I have a valid visa with them till Aug 2017.

P.S: Tjis is my 6th year in USA amd my I140 is already approved.


1.I am in a situation that I cannot tell company A that I had filled a H1B transfer from company B and cannot give them that petetion which I filled with company B, So, will this create an issue with my H1B extension with USCIS.

2.I have tried to waive out  my Non compete with company A HR and managment team but they are not ready to waive it in any case and allow me to join the company. Company B legal team also had a talk with company A and the managment but they did not provide the approval.If I breach my contract what consequenses I have to face,Also Company B legal team is not ready to hire me since I am not getting a waiver on non-compete.Is anyone have any solution to the issue or have gone through similar issue.Pleasehelp


Thanks in advance to all who read and answers this.





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