What will happen after June 30, 2017?


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Hello Experts,

My H1B is expiring on June 30, 2017 and the extension (which was filed under premium processing in March) has an RFE with a respond date July 3rd, 2017. My employer is in the process to respond to the RFE (waiting for Client, Vendor(s) letters with updated SOW date and details) soon. I still got almost 1 Year 6 months left on H1B and I-140 is approved too (not sure whether this got any role on H1B extension though),

  1. What will happen, if the RFE response is not accepted and extension submission gets rejected?
  2. Based on the new rule, will I be eligible to stay back in the US without valid h1b for 60days to find new employment?
  3. If not 60 days, then how many days I could legally stay back to dispose my belongings and fly back to India?
  4. Will I get any additional chance (after the first response) to submit any further evidence and get the extension approved?

I’m on the verge, any advice on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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