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I went last year (June). So not sure how much has changed (I think the DHL pickup wasn't there then). I had the interview on Tue. Got the 221 g but called me on Friday and got the passport Monday. Interview was very quick and short. I think it is wise to plan for at least a week if all things go normally.

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Hi There,

I have a question for 1st H1B Visa Stamp. Im planning to go and get one next week. Hearing a mix reponses regarding obtaining from home country or Mexico and Canadian.

Appreciate if you can help with the information


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yes, it was my first time. I got the H1 in 2006, haven't traveled outside the US since then until to Vancouver last year (2010). I was bit scared and took the risk. It worked out well at the end. I work for a University so that might make a difference.

And yes, I also heard mixed things regarding home country versus Canada/Mexico. If you can stay in your home country and work from there for 2-3 months (this is the worst case scenario), then go there. Otherwise, you have to plan to stay in Canada/Mexico and work from there (if that is possible for your job).

At the end, my suggestion is to think about the options carefully and look at all the pros and cons. Explain as much as possible to your boss so they understand the issue. At some point you have to take some risk. best of luck!

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