NOIR on approved H1-B Petition and H1-B transfer


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I got a Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) from USCIS recently for my

approved H1-B petition. My current employer is in the process of

responding to NOIR. At the same time, I have another full time offer

from different employer who will be transferring my H1-B visa. I

have below questions -

1. Is it safe to transfer H1-B visa to a new employer while NOIR

response is pending?

2. Is the H1-B transfer petition more likely going to get RFE or

Denied because of NOIR on current H1-B petion?

3. If new employer goes with H1-B Consular Processing and

considering Premium Processing is suspended currently, can I join

the new employer based on receipt notice or will I have to wait for

approval and stamping before work can be started?

Thanks! Appreciate your response.

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