H4 EAD to H1 Transfer


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I currently have a H4 EAD (based on my spouse's I140 approval) and working with an employer (Company A). I also applied for a H1B this year through Company B due to the uncertainty involved in H4 EAD policies with the new administration.

The Company B with whom i filed my H1B is asking me to start working for him either through my current client or start marketing my resume and find a job elsewhere. 

My question is it legal to start working with the Company B before my H1B is approved. If i do will i be working on my EAD or in H1B status.

I was under the assumption that i can only start working for Company B in H1B status after its approved as its a change of status.

Appreciate your help.








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you can work for company B even now but only on ur H4EAD.. He just wants to make sure that he makes money from you even before you start on H1 in October.  once your H1 is issuesd an RFE it will be easy for you to get client letter and get H1B approved and then continue working with them... 

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