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I’m a full time employee working for American based company with L1 B visa in USA from last 2 ½ years.

My I-94 is going to expire in this month end. My employer(attorney) requested the USISC for my L1B renewal/extension,  two weeks back, with premium processing.

Unfortunately, USISC sent the RFE, asking for the additional evidence for more supported documents related to my L1B specialized knowledge position before the end of August.


So, the best solution suggested by my attorney is, to go back to India and renew from Indian Embassy consulate with my employer L1 Blanket visa.

Also they said, whenever I start my travel from USA to India, they will  contact USISC and withdraw/cancel the RFE.

But, I asked my attorney, “why can’t we answer from here(USA) only to USISC on RFE queries, so that I can avoid the international travel?”.

My attorney answered, “in order to answer for the L1B RFE queries from here(USA), more work will be involved, also having very less span of time to answer this. Also, it may take more time to get the reply from USISC and also having more chances of getting rejected”. That’s the reason, they are asking to go back to India and apply for the L1B renewal from there only as we have more chances for the  L1B approval from India.


I have below  queries on this:


1)      As per my knowledge, avoiding the international travel would be good as much as possible.

Answering the RFE queries from USA is better OR going back to India, attending my L1B renewal interview from Indian consulate with my employer L1 Blanket visa  is better?


2)      My I-94 is going to expire by the end of this month(June) and to answer the RFE, I have the time till the end of August. So, my attorney is suggesting to go to India and attend the interview in the month of August.

As per my attorney suggestion, I’m planning to go to India and attend the interview, in the month of august. But, is there any concern, if I go back to India and attend the interview from there after my  I-94 expires?


3)       What are the Pros and Cons for those above?



Please suggest to my queries, also share if anyone experienced the practical situation like this.


Thanks Again,

Suresh Krishna.


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