H-1B Working from Canada for US Company

Prachi Shah

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I am an  Indian, currently in the USA on H-1 B Visa and working for US based company. I am married and my husband is in Canada. I got my Permanent Residency in Canada and want to relocate to Canada. I also want to continue my employment with the same company and they are willing to do the same. I will need to visit the USA once every month or two. My company does not have an entity in Canada.
I would like to request information about the immigration laws whether I am allowed to do so or not. Can I work on H-1B visa from Canada? Will it be easier on H-1B or 1099? Any information on how Payroll or Taxes work in this scenario? 
Thank you.
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You don't have a status while outside the US, by definition.

With your residency in Canada, you can work remotely for any company. But, there are likely tax issues. You probably have to pay taxes in Canada. Both you and the company should discuss this with a good CPA experienced in cross-border employment issues.


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