Accidental Death of Primary De


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This is about my cousin. Facts of the case are as follows.

My Cousin is dependent  and is on H4. The spouse is primary and got I 140 approved on May 11, 2009 under EB3.

My cousin and the child have H4 EAD and they have I 94 valid until 9/29/2018. The primary died in a car accident recently and the other driver is at fault and charges are pending against the other driver who is recovering right now.  

Now I have the following questions.

1) Is Section 204 relief applicable and what needs to be done to keep the green card process on ?

2) Since they have valid I 94 can they stay upto 9/29/2018?

3) What can they do to stay beyond 9/29/2018 while the GC is in process?

Thanks in advance.

Even attorneys who are conversant with such matters may post their initial opinion for possible hiring







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