Receipt Number Not received yet, its already 50 days after H1b got picked up in the lottery


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Hello , 


1) Can an applicant file two H1B petitions from two different employees ?

2)  My wife filed H1B this april and her employer said that check was cashed(deposited) to USCIS in Vermont center an thus said her H1 got picked up in lottery. But he says that he didn't receive any I-797 notice form from USCIS . He also checked for the receipt number on the backside of the check but USCIS didn't print the number for her check. So, we checked for change on her SEVIS with her University, But they said there is no change on the SEVIS till date. does anyone has the same issue ? I am concerned because I am not knowing how to track the status of the application without  a receipt number.


Please provide your suggestions.

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