Traveling after H1B interview in Ottawa?


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I plan to visit Ottawa, Canada in order to get my H1B visa stamped, in August of this year. I am an Indian national, currently residing in the US. I am in the process of completing a DS-160 form and obtaining a Canadian visitor visa.

My question: After attending my H1B interview in Ottawa, I would ideally like to spend several days (until my passport is ready to be returned) in Toronto, with family/friends. Would it be safe/acceptable to travel, without my passport, from Ottawa to Toronto, and to stay in Toronto for several days? I will be travelling with an American national, for what it's worth; he will be in possession of his US passport and State ID. (I have a State ID, as well.)

Any information or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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On 5/31/2017 at 3:30 PM, prratik013 said:

Yes, You can travel in canada without passport if you have US license or state ID. I've traveled to Montreal two years back when my passport was with an embassy. 

Thanks for the reply.

I have a new question.

I was intending to travel from the USA to Ottawa this summer, but according to the chart that I saw (at, the next opening in Ottawa is in mid-September, which doesn't work for me. According to what I saw, the only city with an opening before September is Vancouver. 

Does this make sense? Has anyone tried scheduling an appointment recently, and encountered something similar? Or am I doing something wrong?

(The website also requires me to pay a fee before it will even let me choose an appointment data/time. Can't tell if this is right or not.)

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