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Hi All,

I was arrested in 2012 for MAN DEL CS PG 2 OR 2-A >=4G<400G and the degree was felony 1, The case was disposed on 2014. I was in pre-trail diversion and served 6 months of probation. 

I have never traveled to india after that. Now the problem I have is i need to go to india for some emergency,

Is it safe to go to india at this time? If at all I need to go what are the documents i need to carry and any details of how to respond to visa officer regarding that. 

also is there a chance i can seal the record from public?

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

Any help is appreciated.




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Your first step should be to discuss the issue with a good Immigration Lawyer. What was the possible minimum jail time? You could be in trouble and NEED to talk to a Good Immigration Lawyer. Any potential jail time of more than one year may render you inadmissible even if the matter was subject to a plea bargain. Take this matter extremely seriously and do not depend on any forum as you are literally in the firing line and would presumably want to return.

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