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I'm currently working for a Client A through Employer 'X' (who holds my H1b) and my current visa is valid till Nov 2019. I'm planning to transfer my h1b to a Client A (direct hire).

My i-140 has been approved with Employer 'X' on Sep 2014. 

My h1b 6 yr period will be completed by sep 30, 2018.


1) If I wish to transfer my h1b  to Client A using the  existing I-140 approval notice. would I get 3 years? My employer 'X' indicated that they would be cancelling the i-140 after a month or two after leaving the company. so since the h1b premium processing is currently suspended. The transfer process could take 3-6 months, so during the middle of the h1b transfer process, if USCIS finds out that the approved I-140 has been revoked by an employer. Do they be still be able to grant me 3 yrs of h1b or just only until sep 30, 2018?


2) Let's say the transfer gets approved until sep 30 with Client A, 2018. Does my green card PERM & i-140 at Client A needs to be filed & approved by sep 30, 2018 or anytime?

(Employer X indicated they cannot hold my i-140 more than 2 months). 

Please help. Thank you!

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