h1b transfer: location change when work from home


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Below are my general  questions related to H1B Transfer:
1) If my new employer is based out of Texas, my client is in California, and Employer asked me to work from home only(My home is in  Illinois), then will h1b transfer process work out in this situation? If yes then what would be my work location? Any chance of rejection?
2) Let's say if my work location is going to be my Home address( Illinois). Then if I change my address soon during or post H1B transfer within the same city then do my employer need to file new LCA?
3) If my H1B transfer gets rejected, then am I eligible for new transfer for new employee, in other words, will my H1B be still valid if it gets rejected while transfer or Do I need to go through lottery system again?
    4) If I resign my current company in USA with H1B, then for how long I can stay in USA being unemployed  before I can get new job?
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The work location is where you physically are, in this case, your home address.

Chance of rejection depends on the reputation of the employer. If the employer is a shady consulting company, chance of rejection is higher than if the employer is a company with products.


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