COS/ Exit and re-entry H4 to F1


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I moved into the USA 2 years go on an H4 visa. This year I decided to study masters, applied and got accepted into a reputed college. Now I have a situation. My H4 visa expires on the 15th of June. (A renewal application is being processed by my spouse's company). In this situation, if I try to exit the country and give my interview in India, my renewal application gets nullified.
Now, if I get my F1 stamping I'm good. But, if it gets rejected (I really hope it doesn't) I will not be able to return back to the US anytime soon. This would be a problem, because I have a 5 month old baby and I need to get back to her. So, I'm also considering change of status now. I will have practical training engagements with my course and my CPT needs to be in place before that.
I'm at this point very unclear about what happens to the OPT/CPT part of the F1 status, if I opt for COS. Could someone please clarify the same? Also, given my situation, if I go to India for interview what are the kinds of questions I can expect. Would me having a baby that was born in the USA be an issue (to prove that I'm not trying to immigrate into USA)? I am the only child for my parents and I do intend to return back to India, once my spouse's H1B engagement is over. Thanks for reading this far and any help appreciated.
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