H1B Transfer Denied


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I came to US through company A on L1B visa (April 2013) and then filed for H1B COS to company B and started working for them from Oct 1 2014. I got my I140 approved with Company B about an year before. I got an offer from company C (one of the top employer in US) and they filed for H1B transfer in premium processing. USCIS has sent RFE for the H1B transfer asking org chart and employer related questions. After submitting the necessary documents, my case was set to Denied. My current H1B & i94 is valid till Sep 2017 and is there a way that if Company C file for H1B transfer again, will it be approved or what is the next process. I have asked my current employer to file for H1B extension in the meanwhile and the premium processing is currently on hold.

Please advise how to take this case forward.

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