Extension of stay for B2 Visa Holder

Subba Rao

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I have recently applied for extension of stay for my parents visitors visa(B2 Visa). I have received receipt number from USCIS on April 10th and I have not received any response like either Accept or Deny from USCIS. My parents I-94 is about to expire on June 4th. So I know that my parents can stay when the extension is in process. But my question here is,

1. Typically how many days will USCIS take to process the extension of stay for Visitors Visa petition?

2. Will this effect my Parents upcoming visits to USA (Assuming that I will not receive any response from USCIS)?

3. If they receive the denial letter after I-94 is expired, when are they supposed to go back to India?

4. Assuming that the petition is denied(either cases like I-94 expired or not), will this effect their upcoming visits to USA or upcoming extension of Visitors Visa?

5. If I didn't get any response from USCIS, how many days can my parents stay here in USA(for this current trip)?

Thanks to each and everyone who tried to attempt to provide me a solution for these questions.

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  • 2 months later...

1. 3-4months

2. No, as long as they stay for more than 6+months outside of US and then travel back.

3. Yes, as soon as its denied, you will have few days to exit the country.

4. It is very very subjective and is different case by case.

5. Max you requested in your latest application( cannot be beyond 6months) (cannot be beyond 12 months cumulative from first I94)

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