Is there a waitlist in USCIS for H-1B?


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The desperation for H1B is making people to file more than one petition for a candidate through consultancy etc.. what happens to such kind of petitoins if more than one picked up and when they revoke the other one. Will there be a wait list concept at USCIS to whom it may be allotted or is it gone?

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In lottery, candidates are picked up from all of applications.  If person A is selected, then all of his applications will be processed. It is person A wish which company to join. 


Mostly case.  person A thinks applying through many employers will get his chance for being picked up in lottery. It is wrong. Every candidate has same chances irrespective of how many applications he has applied.


If person A has been rejected with all of his application, there is not any waiting list to pick next candidate.

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A person is only counted once, even if the person has multiple applications.

They do have a waitlist, i.e., they do select more applications than spots available, because there will be applications that get denied. People with multiple applications, for example, can expect RFEs, because USCIS suspects that such people paid for one or more of the applications. After all, no sane employer would file and pay for an H1 if the employer doesn't have the expectation that the person actually starts working there. Most multiple applications tend to be fraudulent.


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