i94 expired, H1 extension denied, How to handle H1 Transfer


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  1. i-94 expired a few months ago
  2. H1 extension was filed in a timely manner
    1. Received RFE after 1-94 expiration
    2. RFE response sent within a month/two
    3. Received denial decision a few days ago
    4. Reason for denial is not received via post
  3. Employer is willing to file an appeal
    1. I don't know the chances of appeal approval
  4. Client is willing to do a H1 transfer to other company
    1. Premium processing is on hold
  5. My passport is also due for renewal in a couple of months


  1. When should I stop working?
  2. Since when am I out of status?
  3. Am I out of status if client's new H1 petition is pending?
  4. Can I work for the client when new H1 is pending?
  5. Can I search for new jobs while in this status and can I start working after the new petition is being processed(pending)
  6. Do I have to go back to home country, get the VISA stamped and come back?
    1. If yes, when should I do this while pending or after approval?
    2. When should I leave US?
  7. Do I have any grace period to get my affairs in order and leave US?
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