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Hello everyone,

My spouse works in US on H1B & has filed H1B for me through a consultancy in 2016 when I was in India. My petition was picked in lottery and was approved in november 2016 with validity till 2018. My I-797 does not have I-94 as I was in India at the time of filing the petition.

I have quit my job with a fortune MNC in India & have come to US on H4  visa in March 2017 ( planning to apply for COS  in premium, once i get a project, but USCIS has temporarily suspended premium processing) 

Going by the current situations, it seems like getting project for me will be delayed untill USCIS resumes premium processing.

I have the below questions:

1. How many days will my I-797 be valid without getting stamped? will it be a problem if I  apply for COS after october 2017.

2. Should I go to India/Canada for stamping even after applying for COS?

3. Can I change the employer (H1B transfer) while I'm on H4 with valid I-797 ?

4. I might be extended a full time employment with a fortune company in US, will they accept my current visa status (H4 with valid I-797)

Kindly advice me at the earliest so that I can respond accordingly for the full time opportunity.


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