H-1 transfer and then transfer again


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I have an H-1B approved with employer X till 2018(3 years from 2015). Last year I filed a transfer with employer Y and I started working since 2016 August on h-1 transfer receipt. the transfer is still in process and turns out my current employer Y is one of the most notorious thieves and he does not pay me salary properly. When I joined him, he filed an H-1 for the lowest minimum wage possible and does not pay me the remaining amount we spoke about when I was offered the job. Now I want to get rid of this company and move to employer Z(have job offer ready). Can I do that? Going back to employer X is the worst and the last option since turns out again that X and Y are kind of related which I got to know later. Also an additional question: Can I use the 60 day grace period rule in this situation in any way to my advantage? 

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