Need advice for withdrawing H1-B petition


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I work for a startup and they were undergoing restructuring and layoffs during H1-B filing this year. So just for a backup, I got offer from another employer and asked them to file H1-B on my behalf and told them if it would get approved, I could join them after October 1. Both my petitions got picked this year. And now my current company has become stable but the other company has started doing some layoffs. In this case, 

1) If I get RFE for my petition from future company, I am not sure if they would respond to it or not (as they are reducing team size). Should I ask them proactively to withdraw my petition before it gets RFE or approval ? 

2) Should I wait for both petitions to get approved before taking any step ? 

3) Will withdrawing second petition can have negative impact on my first petition ? 

4) Can this lead to RFE in first petition also ?

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