What are my options when H1-B transfer got an RFE and contract ended with Client


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My first h1-b from Company A was approved in 2014 and was valid till sept 2017. In Nov 2016 I got laid off and company B started the H1-B transfer in regular processing as I got a one year contract at some client.

Now H1-B trasnfer got an RFE and requested the client letter, now client declined to give the client letter and mentioned my contract is ending the end of this month. They cannot do one year as they don't want have much.

Now, Employer B says they cannot attend the RFE and need to find a project in couple of weeks to file an amendment.

My questions:

1) What if i don't find a project in the end of this month? 

2) What happens if i get a full time job, Can i move or should i stay with the company B until it's approved?

3) After the end of this month, do company B have to keep running my pay roll, until i find a project?


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