Need Advise on My H1-B trasnfer


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I am currently on H1-B which is approved in Nov 2016 on one client. I have applied for amendment in January 2017 on other client (where I ended my project in march 2017). so I got RFE for my amendment in April. Now I am in other project and applying for amendment again on new client

which is clear so far.

But I am having chances of getting an another permanent project (which needs H1-B transfer). can I accept it while my H1-B is in Amendment which has RFE? and when I go for transfer of my H1-B, should I first inform my previous employer regarding that? or new employer H1-B transfer will suppress all of the amendments and directly take the transfer?

Also, can I join in new permanent job with receipt number(since there is no premium for 6 months) ? 



Thank you

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