H1B to H4 and H4 to H1B in Future

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Am currently working in H1B Visa and my max out for the current h1b is in 2019. I have my i140 approved in June 2016. I have my h1B stamped till Oct 2018.

Can I take a break for few months and go on H4 Visa using my spouse h1B Visa  ?

Is it possible to use my current h1b for h4 to H1B COS without going through lottery , if I plan to work after 6 months or so though my current employer revokes the h1B visa ?

what will happen to my i140 which is approved in June 2016 ?


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you can use you I140 for cap exempt h1b in future. But you will have to wait for approval before you start working. You can;t work on h4->h1b receipt notice.

even if your I140 is gone, you can still use it for future h1b extensions.

But ultimately your new employer has to start you GC from PERM. but you will be able to port your PD.

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