New employment. Can we renew H4-EAD before 180 days of its expiration??


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On 5/11/2017 at 0:17 AM, Immigration1987 said:

H4-EAD and H1 is approved till 12/08/2019 for spouse and I. Got a new job offer. Can I concurrently file H1+ H4+EAD, Even though it says you can renew EAD only before 180 days of its expiration??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You cannot file for H-4 EAD extension more than 180 days before it's expiration. Apply for H-1 and H-4 and right before 180 days of expiry you can renew the EAD.

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Hi Immigration1987,

I am in similar case like yours. So wanted to know what did you decide and what was the outcome?

We too are exploring if it is possible to club H4 EAD renewal (before 180 days) along with H1 + H4 Extension in Premium process.

My H1B and H4 expires in 07/2018 and H4 EAD expires in 02/2020.


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