L2 extension and H1b approval pending


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I am currently on L2 EAD. My current L2 EAD (expires on 10 November 2017 – 3 year completion). So my husband’s company would be filing to extend his L1b and my L2 for next two year. The petition is supposed to be filed next week and once I get L2, I will be applying for the EAD.

But yesterday I received my H1b lottery notification. I had applied for a change of status. I want your advice whether I can still go and get my L2 renewed until H1b is approved. I don’t want my H1b pending petition to be impacted by this and at the same time I don’t want to quit working in case I don’t apply for L2 extension and after my H1b is delayed/rejected for some reason.
basically there are two cases here –
1. My L2 extension is approved first and then I get my H1b approval, Is my pending H1B cancelled when I get L2 ext –

2. My H1b approval comes first and they my L2 extension comes, Do I loose my H1b is this case?

I am looking forward to your guidance. My attorney thinks in Case 1 I would get H1 change of status and in case 2 I would be given a chance on Oct 1 to move ahead with L2 or H1 and when I choose H1, I would withdraw my L2 approved petition. I wanted to check with you if you think the same as well.

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