HA EAD card expiration

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2 hours ago, CoolDeep said:

As far as I know....it totally depends on your emloyer.

Some employers allow to let you work after EAD card expiration based on the extension receipt and some employers want the extended EAD card. 

Check with your employer.

That is totally wrong. A genuine employer will never allow to work without a physical H-4 EAD card. It clearly says you cannot work until you get the card in hand.

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20 hours ago, Deepika Gonuguntla said:


My husband applied H1 extension, we received  H1 extension receipt  and H4 EAD extension receipt  on May 8 2017.  I  am on H4 EAD , Currently I am working, My H4 EAD valid up to SEP 2017. Is it possible  to get my H4 EAD card before SEP 2017. If I will not receive my H4 EAD card I am eligible to work in US.

You still have 4 months. You should get the renewed H-4 EAD card before Sep 2017. In case you don't get it you need to stop working.

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