COS from H4 to H1B


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Hello Friends, 

I've completed 4 and half years on H1b visa and I decided to go on H4 visa and take a short break. My current passport is stamped with h4 visa, I would now like to transfer it back to H1b visa and pursue a new career opportunity and I have few questions:

1) Does the new employer file the petition as new H1b application? Is my new employer also required to file for COs along with H1b petition? Are they both two different process?

2)  When is the earliest I can start working for these new employer, Am I allowed to start based on the receipt?

3) Since the Premium processing is suspended, how much time it currently takes for normal processing? Is there an expected time when PP would be reinstated ? 



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1) he will file for h1b (cap-exempt), as you are in in US, it will be COS. But it will not be a lottery, so it can be filed at any time.

2) no, you can;t start on receipt, you will have to wait for approval.

3) atleast 4-5 months wait.

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