I-140 appeal denied due to education credentials


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I have an existing approved H1-B extension good until 8/15/13. My job description is a financial analyst & my category is EB-2

I accumulated a total of 6 yrs. already which included a transfer from my 1st employer last 2007 & was approved another 3 yrs. since.

The employment agency i'm under for some reason asked the lawyer to inquire about my I-140 status when in fact there's still a 4-5yr. backlog.

I received a letter of intention to deny last month with USCIS questioning my education credentials equivalent to Form 9089 by DOL stating requires no minimum level of education & 4 yrs. experience in job offered in the field of financial manager.

Today, they sent a letter to my employer denying my I-140 petition based on my education & inconsistent information provided in the filing, objective evidence due to fraud.

My only option is to appeal within 33 days & file form I290b & pay $630

what can I do?

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