Multiple Approved H1 b petitions. Can we join on old approved petition


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I have Multiple Approved H1 b petitions. Can I join on old approved petition.


I was working in Company A in 2014. Planned to switch and got the approval with B for 3 years(till sep 2017). But was unable to join due to some client issues. Then I left A and joined company C in 2015 and have approved petition till Dec 2017.

Now, i have got an offer with employer B. Can I join the employer B ? I have an approved with them till sep 2017. B hadn't revoked the petition till now.


Ques 2

Also, can B file an amendment and request extension of time period. or it needs to file the extension separately.
Kindly advise.

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Employer B was required by law to inform USCIS that you didn't start working for them. Are you telling us that employer B has been violating US laws???

If they want to hire you now, they have to file a new H1 petition.


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