H1B Approved post 221g & H4 EAD Applied


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I'm currently in US in my H4 visa and have applied for EAD. Meanwhile, I received an email from Consulate asking me to submit my passport to stamp h1b visa( which went under 221g). 

Questions : 

1. What would happen to my EAD application if i travel outside and get my H1B stamped? 

2. In future, Can i choose to get back to H4 if required? 

3. What is the current processing time for EAD in Nebraska Processing Center? 

Appreciate your time and response. 

Thank you!

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My wife in a situation where her H1B Visa went under 221(g) processing. We are planning to go for H4 to get back to US to stay together. I see that you have experienced the same before.

Could you please help us on what procedurce to follow for H4 when H1B is stuck in 221(g) processing. also what would VO ask for during the H4 interview since she has the 221(g) in processing.

She is pregnant and want her to get back soon to US as she is staying alone in India.

Really appreciate your response. Thank you in advance.

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