Earlier - H1B Approved - THEN NOID - implications.


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Following is a series of events, i am trying to understand the implications for currently planned extensions & future Extensions with NOID received, answering or not answering.

1. Company ABC - Filed H1b - March 3rd 2015 -- Approved ( July 20 2015) valid until March 7th- 2016 ( EAC123xxxxx) - Inhouse project

2. Same Company ABC filed extension March 4th 2016 -- Approved (Feb 7th 2017) Valid until June 7th 2017( EAC456xxxx)- Client project

3. Applied H1b Amendment JAN 13th 2016 -- RFE issued April 17th 2017 (EAC789xxxx)

4.  Planning for applying Extension May 15th 2017.

5. Noticed Online status changed for( EAC123xxxxx) NOID - April 15th 2017.


I am trying to understand the implications of NOID( EAC123xxxxx) NOID issued April 15th 2017 (I-797 validity JULY 15 2015 - March 7th 2016) for Currently planned extensions or for future Extensions.

Secondly Answering the H1b amendment RFE FOR (EAC789xxxx) and its effects on currently planned extensions, irrespective of the result.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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