When does the Home residency requirement start for J1


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My wife has been accepted to an Internal Medicine residency program here in the US. The hospital was not able to file for her H1 visa before April 3rd, so we cannot file in premium processing. This means there is no guarantee that she will receive the visa in time for her to start on July 1st. The other option suggested by the hospital is to apply for a J1 which will subject her to a 2 year home residency requirement (HRR). My question is, when does the HRR come into effect? Does it apply to her when she goes for the J1 visa interview and it is approved or does it apply when she decides to enter the US on the J1 Visa? If she get an approval for the J1 and somehow we are able to secure the H1 in time as well, and enter the US on the H1, will she still be subject to the HRR? Thanks

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Once on J1 she will be subject to the 2 year HRR. You must understand that if push comes to shove she can stay away for 2 years after her Fellowship if she does one or her residency and she should have sufficient contacts by that time to return on H1 to a suitable job. If not there are ways and means to stay and work for a physician on J1. You might find it very educative to involve the firm of Murthy or any of your choice to be guided about various options for a J1 Physician subject to the 2 year HRR. Underserved area, CONRAD30 etc. You may be surprised to find that for example Mt. Sinai in Manhattan is considered underserved and so on.

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22 hours ago, pontevecchio said:

Once on J1 she will be subject to the 2 year HRR....

Just to clarify, are you saying that the 2 Year HRR will be applied as soon as she is granted a J1 visa? I ask because I've been searching for an answer online for the past few days and a couple of folks said that the HRR is applied only if she were to enter the US on the J1. So if she had a J1 and an H1, but entered the US on the H1, she would NOT be subject to the HRR. Thanks.

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