Travelling on H1B , vis ais stamped , employer lost original i797 approval copy


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I am currently in India and scheduled to travel to US on H1B , the petition and visa both were approved recently.

However , just before the travelling I came to know that original petition approval copy is lost on the way when couriered from USA to India office.

I have worked in US previously for 6 years on L1B+H1B and have GC i140 approved.  The new visa is OOC Fresh H1B.

I have my spouse (H1B) and Kid (US Citizen) in US right now , hence need to travel urgently.


Please advis e,

1.if I can travel without the original copy of i797 (soft copy is there) ?

2.what all supporting documents do I need to carry  ?

3. Is there any chance of getting deported for not carrying original approval?

4. If employer applies for duplicate , how long it is going to take?

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