Approved I-140 from A; B doesn't file; Can C file ?


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* I am past my six years of H1B (8th year). I have an approved I-140 from current employer A. Priority date Sept 2014.
* Current H1B from A valid till Oct 2019.
* I have an offer from company B. I came to know that their internal policy is minimum two years of employment. Two years too long a wait for me. So far they have verbally promised to initiate green card process within first month of joining (i.e. May 2017). I can't trust them completely b'se nothing's in written.
* Assume H1B filing by A may take many months (maybe > 6 months) since it's not premium processing.
* Assume company A revokes their I-140 petition since I decided to leave them.

1) Suppose B does not live up to it's promise of filing for green card. Will I be eligible to change jobs ? If yes when - anytime OR only after H1B filed by B is approved ?
2) If answer to #1 is yes then assume I join a company C after working at B for few months. Will C be able to initiate the green card process considering there was a gap (B did not file) ?

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