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Hello, my friend is going through a rough phase and I would appreciate any sort of advise from you. He is competing his masters in a university in Texas( Arlington). In January 2017, he was dismissed from the university and his sevis got terminated as he did not maintain the F1 requirements according to the university, but after looking through his case and understanding it was not completely his fault, he was given an option by the university to reinstate himself with USCIS.  He applied for reinstatement on march 20 2017 and is pursuing his last course.  The college end date is May 12 2017. He will have to get a reply from USCIS by July 11 2017 or else he would have to leave the country. He tried calling USCIS and expidating the process, but his request was denied. He has an appointment with them on May 4 2017 to discuss with them in detail.

>What is the best thing he can do so he can get a reply within July 2017? >Should he consult any immigration layer before meeting with USCIS?

As we know the processing times highly fluctuate(between 4 and 11 months) and it is very important that he gets his reinstatement on time. 
I hope and wait for your response. 

Thank you.

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