Risks/Downside of changing employer - I140


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Hi all

I completed my 6 years of H1 in 2015 and my I140 was approved in Oct 2014. Got my extension approved till Apr 2018. My PD is 2013.


Now If I change employer to take a FT ( The new employer is saying he would start GC process after I complete 6 months at the company),... what are the risks I might face? Esp with the current political scenario with new administration.


Looking for some advice and thoughts.


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You have to restart the GC processing which means PERM and 140 needs to go through entire process again. Whether it will be smooth, would be as anyone's guess. Your PERM application may (if randomly selected) go through audit which takes longer time to process. However looking at your PD you have plenty of time to complete everything again if you have clear documentation. Remember one thing, if there are any layoffs in the company you are joining which essentially involves US citizens, then NO PERM application can be filed for minimum of six months from the date of layoff. Just something to give a thought about.

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