H1-B Transfer - Processing times - conversion to GC-EAD


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Hello Folks,

I have a couple of quick questions -

1. I am currently on H1-B and i got a new offer and H1-B transfer is offered (haven't started yet), I know because of suspension of PP, it's hard to tell the timeline. Any thoughts?

2. After my wedding here in U.S, the status will be changed to EAD initially. How does this change of status transition take place?

3. Can I travel Outside U.S for at leasr 3-4 days with current valid H1-B VIsa stamp and new employer H1-B receipt ( anticipating H1 transfer will take some time to receive approval)?

4. If H1-B is denied for any reason and EAD is not yet approved, what are my chances to stay within country and what if I change to any other statuses (B1orB2)?  How does Change of status take place?


Any information provided is appreciated. Thank you!

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