H1B Employer not running payroll, transfer after April 2017


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Hi All, 

Currently Im working for Employer A he is a typical desi, not running my payroll from past 3 months but he deposited my salary over the counter at Bank ( from jan 2017 to present). finally after so much of thinking I decided to transfer my visa to Employer B.

I have few questions in my mind & this is the best place to get best solution for it.  

1) Is this correct time to move to another company .(After April 3 No premium processing) 

2) If employer B file H1B transfer, will it get approval? If no what could be the issues and how to resolve them.

thank you all,

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are you new to H1B? please do some research before apply any VISA, without recent pay slips you will get RFE and it will get rejected if you say your employer did direct deposit to in bank but not running your payroll so i would suggest, work for same employer for 3-4 months more and ask him to run payroll and then find some real employer instead of shady consulting company. also i would recommend to contact immigration attorney from murthy.

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