Anyone got CA Driving License under AB60 rule

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I am still waiting for my wife's H4 approval notice with I-94 so that she can apply for renewal for her California DL.  CA DMV don't issue renewals based on receipt numbers. 

We heard about AB 60 rule for undcoumented or anyone who can provide identity proof  and residency proof (irrespective of expired legal stay proof), can apply for different kind of license which gives only driving prevliges only.

I wanted to check if anyone successfully got license under AB60 rule in situations

I want to know specifically


1.  If AB60 DL license will be issuely immediately if applicant is already CA DL holder. 

2. Does applicant have to appear for behind wheel test if he/she has existing recently expired CA DL ?

3.  Once we get H4 approval notice, can we get regular DL again ?

Any input will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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