Immediate H1B Transfer Questions


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Hi Murthy Law Firm,

I recently got approval on my H1B, status change from F1 to H1B, through Company A and only started working for Company A after approval of H1B. However, within 10 days I got another offer from Company B to work for them. Company B wants me to transfer my H1B to them and are ready to file for LCA immediately and wants to initiate the H1B transfer process. 


1. Can I transfer my H1B within a month, without any paystub. Would there be chances of RFE since no pay stub attached to transfer application?

2. Major fear, could company A revoke my H1B after knowing I have applied for LCA through Company B? As I will have to inform Company A of my transfer and give notice period of two week.

3. As H1B transfer application can't be dealt in premium process, there will be time period before the approval of H1B transfer, when can I start working with Company B after filling of LCA?

4. Would you suggest to wait with Company A for at least 3 months or more before I initiate transfer?

Thanks, this would be great help.

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