H1B Approved with Consular processing without I94


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I applied for my H1B extension in Nov 2016, but My H1B was approved with consular processing without I94(extension of stay was not approved for H1b). I also have my EAD/AP based on I-485/AOS. I once used my AP in 2016 when I entered the US and the I94 at that time was issues based on the Advance Parole(I did not have H1B Stamping so used AP).But I always maintained my EAD and AP.  So the USCIS did not approve my extension of Stay based on H1B and issue a new I94 as my previous entry was based on AP. Also my wife H4 was denied as it was based on my H1B approval and i do not have a validity of stay for my H1.  But my lawyer mentioned i can stay and work using my EAD and AP which was issued based on my I485.
Now I am planning to go to India and planning to get H1 and H4 Stamping during the visit. Will I have any problem with the H1B Stamping and can i use my EAD/AP  as an alternative incase of any issues with my H1B Stamping to reenter US.

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