DS-160 Question for H4-EAD and never worked in USA


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My wife is on H4 visa and have a EAD though she never worked in USA. She is going for H4 stamping, what should I fill for the following question in DS-160?
primary occupation (Not employed/Homemaker/Other)

If I am selecting Not employed/Other, I have to explain the details. If I am selecting as Homemaker there is no explanation needed. Which would be the valid one in this case?

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My wife also same situation. She is on H4 EAD and she is a home maker. In DS 160 I donot even see any H4 EAD options so just selected H4. We are going to stamping to Vancouver Canada in June 2017 and if they ask me I will tell the truth which is I applied H4 EAD for her since it doesnot need any client letter and any condition to work. Once you get H4 EAD we can apply for SSN. So in order to get SSN we applied for H4 EAD and that was the only option we have now to get SSN if you donot work.

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