Long term travel with green card


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Me and my husband got green cards 6 years ago through my husband employer. Now I got an expat opportunity to move to India for 1 yr. I have an own house in US and also I will be paying taxes in US as I will get paid in US. Can someone help me understand if it is ok to travel for a year with multiple US visits?


are there ways to maintain my permanent residency while in India. I couldn't apply for citizenship as it takes too long for the interview appointments right now.


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You did check out Reentry permit?  But that resets your Naturalization time frames.

In these days of shock and awe , I suggest doing everything possible to become a citizen. Naturalization is a frame of mind. You can certainly apply and return for the FP and also the Interview as long as you fulfill the requirements.

If you maintain a residence here, pay taxes local and federal then the way to go is possibly applying for Naturalization and planning your India trip around the FP, Interview etc.

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