How To Get My i94 Extension in USA

Kiran Akurati

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My H1B visa is Valid till Sep 2017 (Visa Stamped) and i got an extension up to Sep 2018 (i 797). In 2016 November I traveled to India and i94 was given up to Jan 2018 as my passport expires then. I applied for my passport renewal. Once i receive my new passport, is there any way i can extend my i94 with out leaving the country or what is the best way to get i94 extension. Kindly please advise.

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On 4/12/2017 at 10:27 AM, pontevecchio said:

Travel to say the Tijuana border(GOOGLE) and make a U Turn at the stiles and return with a new I94 any day before visa expiry in September, 2017. You can travel to Canada if you get the visa for Canada and return after a brief vacation with a new I94 which you must ask for, obviously before visa expiry.

Hello there, Can you please tell me if this Mexico border U-turn is an advisable remedy? As I hear there has been bad experiences recently with some scrutinization. Please advice. 

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