Two I-797 approval notice : Latest one with short expiration date


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Hi All,

I really need your advice to plan my visa stamping. And, I thank you in advance. Before I as my question, here is the situation:

1- I am planning to go India next week April 15th, 2017.  

2- I have two approved I -797 petitions.

Petition#1 - approved on Oct 2017 has expiration date April 2019. It wa . And the Petition#2 - approved on Feb 2017 has expiration date Dec 2017.

Now, my questions are - 

1- While filling up DS-160 form should I use Petition#1 or 2?

2- If I use Petition#2 wouldn't I get shorter expiration date on my Visa as well, or i should explain the scenario to Visa office at the time of interview?

Thanks once again!

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